Apply to Serve

Protocol: Read Before You Proceed

It is imperative that you read everything on this page before completing the application to serve. I value devotees who demonstrate attention to detail, who follow My protocol, and who respect My time. Submission is a privilege.


No session will be booked with less than 48 hours notice. Adequate time is required to discuss Our mutual desires in scene thus ensuring an agreeable arrangement.


  • Foot Worship Only: $200/ hour
  • All Other Sessions: $250+/ hour
  • Public excursion followed by a session: $500+
  • My personal play party submissive: $500

Rates are non negotiable. Some requests require additional tribute. Contact Me to discuss your session in detail and to receive an exact quote.


An electronic deposit of $50 is required to hold your session once a time and date has been agreed upon by Both parties. The $50 deposit is deducted from the total tribute due upon arrival to your session. Deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Contact me as soon as possible if you must cancel or reschedule your session. You must reschedule at least 48 hours in advance to be able to transfer your deposit to your new appointment. Your new appointment must occur within one month of your current appointment.

Session Location

All sessions are hosted at a fully furnished, upscale dungeon in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. The exact address will be provided once your session has been booked. Out call is not available.

Public Play & Social Outings

Public play is only allowed at appropriate venues, e.g. play parties, where the devotee has the privilege of accompanying Me as My personal subject. Devotees who want a more personalized experience may also opt to book a public excursion such as dinner or a shopping trip followed by a session. Public excursions are priced per hour.

Vetting & Discretion

You must submit at least one of the following forms of verification before an appointment can be made: a reference from another Domina, a public phone number, or employment verification (LinkedIn). I make no exceptions. If providing a reference from another Domina, you must provide specific information such as Her name and Her e-mail address. I’m not embarking on what amounts to a digital cryptid hunt for “blonde Mistress from New York” or “Unnamed Domme who sessioned at Such-and-Such establishment 10 years ago”.

Very importantly, your information will never be shared, misused, or made public. Requested infomation is for vetting and verification purposes only. Discretion between Mistress and devotee is of the utmost importance; all information shared between Both parties is shared in confidence. With out mutual trust and respect, it is not possible to session.

Application to Serve

Be sure to include detailed information regarding your request.

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