New for 2021

Happy New Year! Congratulations on making it through 2020.

With multiple vaccines becoming available for the public, I will be resuming in person sessions, albeit on a limited basis. Additional safety protocols will be implemented to protect Mistress, submissive, and the play space. If you are interested in an in person session, you may apply to serve.

If you are interested in a web domination session or custom clips, you can also fill out the application.

Sessions & Covid-19

With the number of Corona virus infections rapidly increasing, government officials across the U.S. have begun issuing “shelter at home” ordinances. Governor J.B. Pritzker ordered Chicagoans to remain indoors and to practice social distancing through at least the end of April. I suspect the lock downs will last for much longer given that Covid-19 infections are expected to peak sometime between Mid-April and early May. More worrisome still, there are reports estimating that the virus will remain prohibitive through Spring 2021.

While doctors and scientists the world over are exploring various treatments for Corona Virus, there is presently no vetted, effective, and widely available treatment for the virus nor is there a vaccine. It will be months, perhaps up to 18 months, before a vaccine or a tested treatment plan are publicly available. In the meanwhile, hospitals are stretched to their limits, rapidly running out of the resources necessary to care for the surging numbers of infected and critically ill.

To mitigate the risk of infection, it is unlikely that I will be available for in person sessions any time soon. You are still welcome to apply to serve however, at this time I am focusing on making myself available for sessions, (text, calls, & cam) via Nite Flirt. I am also offering custom clips.

Stay safe, play safe!